Notice for foreign travelers
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Notice for foreign travelers

If you are in 목포 terminal.
At this moment you can buy only one-way ticket (for example 목포->홍도)
Your return ticket is available in your depart island (for example 홍도)
We want you come back on time.
So we provide reservation service.

If you want come back on time you must reservation (about return ticket)
It is simple just pay small portion of your return ticket price.
(your reservation fee will be refund when you buy return ticket.)
(for example fee 42,000 won / reservation fee 20,000 won / than you pay 22,000 won)

Than we will issue a reservation certification.
This certification is very important so do not lost this certification.
You must submit this certification when you buy return ticket.

If you lost reservation certification we can't deduct your charge.

We will help you do our best just tell us your right itinerary.
And at least arrive depart island terminal before 30 min/your depart time.

Enjoy your traveling.
Have a good day.

thank you.

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